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Gas Struts

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Are you wanting to fit some gas struts to your boat or yacht and don’t know where to start?
We can advise you what to do and where to start. Contact us now.

Our marine grade gas struts have:

  • Stainless housings
  • Stainless Sockets
  • Special marine quality 316 shafts

Strut Sizes


Open Stroke Closed (6mm shaft)
155mm 40mm 115mm Nylon sockets or Stainless Steel sockets
195mm 60mm 135mm
235mm 80mm 155mm
275mm 100mm 175mm
315mm 120mm 195mm
375mm 150mm 225mm
Open Stroke Closed (8mm shaft)
325mm 120mm 205mm Nylon sockets or Stainless Steel sockets
405mm 160mm 245mm
505mm 210mm 295mm
585mm 260mm 325mm
Open Stroke Closed (10mm shaft)
685mm 300mm 470mm Nylon sockets or Stainless Steel sockets
820mm 350mm 470mm
Open Stroke Closed (14mm shaft)
900mm 400mm 510mm Nylon sockets or Stainless Steel sockets


Stainless steel ball studs:- 6mm or 8mm thread (plus nyloc nut)

Stainless steel mounts:- Flush mounts and angle mounts. Electro polished. Ball stud is riveted to mount.


Ball Studs and Mounts


Top Hat


H7M6   D1S 6mm Hole
H7M8 D2S 8mm Hole
Flush Mount D3S 10mm Hole
Rev Angle H6S
Std Angle S6


Strut Kits


Improved safety and convenience around hatches, lids and flaps. No more hatches laying around on the deck or slamming closed causing injury to family or crew.


Kit 1

Hatch Size 400mm x 400mm -600mm x 600mm
Hatch Weight 2kg to 5kg


Kit 2

Hatch Size 600mm x 600mm -800mm x 800mm
Hatch Weight 5kg to 15kg


Kit 3

Hatch Size 800mm x 800mm -1000mm x 1000mm
Hatch Weight 15kg to 25kg


Kit 4

Hatch Size 1000mm x 1000mm -1500mm x 1500mm
Hatch Weight 25kg to 35kg