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Gas Strut Marine – since 1995

“In 1995 I was requested by a leading Brisbane Boat builder and shipwright to locate a suitable gas strut for the marine industry. They were using industrial struts that were always the wrong length or pressure to suit their needs and they had no one to advise them on the best way to fit them.

Now, two decades later, we are the preferred OEM supplier to the majority of the Australian boat building industry” – Ted Godfrey, owner and founder of Gas Strut Marine


Our gas struts are completely made of quality European 316 Stainless Steel and the shafts have a Teflon/chrome coating to prevent premature seal wear.

Our mounting brackets are made of the same quality 316 Stainless Steel.

All the struts are supplied with a ball socket (Stainless steel or nylon with S/S clip). The ball studs are supplied on our mounting brackets, but can be purchased separately.

We also supply a range of electric actuators – 12v/24v/110v/240v with load carrying capacities from 40kg to 1000kg. The selection is so varied that to get the correct application, verbal contact is necessary.

Australian Made

We manufacture electric TV Lifters using worm drive electric actuators. The range of LCD and Plasma TV’s vary greatly so they are made to suit the particular brand.

We at Gas Strut Marine Pty Ltd pride ourselves in the fact that supplying the correct equipment for your application is only part of our business. We also want to help you select the correct application for your needs so that all future uses will be easily applied.